I am proud to announce the launch of our newest CLICKBANK product:


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Apr 9, 2018
It is an ebook about how to cure sciatica in 7 days and is fully illustrated with diagrams to make the plan as easy to follow as possible.

We are also excited to announce that we're the only Doctor Trusted sciatica cure system on the internet, giving you assurance that you are promoting a TOP QUALITY, EFFECTIVE, and most importantly, SAFE product! It also means easy conversions, more sales and virtually zero refunds! We are also using a killer video sales letter and a sales funnel perfected after months of testing. You can see the main landing page HERE

In addition, we are one of the very few clickbank vendors using a fully responsive code, meaning that the site is optimized for traffic not just from desktop/laptops but also from tablets and mobiles.

Sciatica is a very painful and debilitating condition that is extremely common and affects between 15-45% of Americans (WebMD). The market is therefore MASSIVE and sufferers are desperate for a cure.

The product has literally just been launched, so this is your opportunity to hop on before everyone else, hence gaining an advantage over other affiliates. We have an extensive affiliate center, that includes a rebrandable report, banners, emails, videos, articles, ecovers, and PPC keywords and ads. We also cloak your hoplinks for you and provide custom affiliate links to affiliates who want to promote using PPC.

In addition to the fact that our commission rate is 75% on ALL sales (including the upsells), we are also offering *$50 Bonus* to new affiliates and special commission rates (up to 100% to high volume affiliates). Click HERE for affiliate information.

With an avg $ per sale of $32.41, this means that generating just 5 sales per day (very easy), will put $162 DAILY in your pocket!
...that's $1,134 per WEEK....or $4,536 per MONTH...or $54,432 per year!

Put in some more effort and generate 10 sales per day and you're looking at $324 daily, $2,268 weekly, $9,072 monthly and $108,864 yearly! Excited yet? You should be...

I am also personally going to be the affiliate manager, so if you have ANY question or queries, hit the reply button or send an emai